Dakota Cummins plans for his A litter 2014

Congratulation to Dakota for taking Akita thru the JGHV system and starting his own Kennel!

Dakota'S A litter will be:

Akita vom Schlangenfluß x Bull vom Bärenwald

See the planned litter page!




Apollo Vom Schlangenfluß

VGP I./287TF

Breed Show 10/11 available Stud 


  Welcome to Vom Schlangenfluß (from the Snake River) and thank you for your interest in our Drahthaars. We are a registered VDD kennel and test our dogs under the VDD system. We encourage you to also test your Drahthaar. We live in the heart of Idaho and just a mile from the Snake River Canyon Which allows us to use the true versatility of the Drahthaar. My goal is to continue to hunt behind the most versatile hunting dogs in the world and to share that experience with others.  The Deutsch Drahthaar is that dog. Many think the abilities of the VDD registered Drahthaar are phenomenal, but this should be expected when you consider the discipline, care and dedication which has gone into its development.